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I once heard a woman quote The 5 Love Languages as she tried to untangle her relationship and figure out why it wasn’t working. Wasn’t she giving enough? Spending enough quality time? Affirming her partner? Devoting herself to the relationship? Touching him the right way? And why, after everything she tried, wasn’t it working?


I knew the answer. I bit my tongue. I bit it not because I wanted to, but because the woman was on TV, and I figured that screaming into the screen wouldn’t do either one of us any good. (Lest the neighbors call the police.)


The 5 Love Languages is wonderful, I thought, if the assumption is that you’re in a relationship that’s based on mutual equality and respect.


That’s a key piece that often gets left out—and a reason why so many women are driving themselves crazy, trying to fit a round peg into a square hole. The thing is this: 


Not every relationship is based on mutual equality and respect.


Some are based on a paradigm of power and control. And when you’ve got that kind of a dynamic in your relationship, no love language is going to help: you’ve got to approach things differently.


Approaching things differently is what I specialize in as an expert in toxic relationships and how they affect women. I’ve spent my life dedicated to the topic, first as a woman experiencing it, and later as one trying to understand it, and finally as one who turned it into her full-time professional and research career.


Studying under Dr. Martha Beck, a Harvard-educated coaching expert of O Magazine and The Oprah Winfrey Show, followed by an advanced certification through renowned coach trainer Brooke Castillo, I’ve focused my work exclusively on the link between power and control in relationships, and what that meant for the people involved. And as it turns out:


If something feels off, it is off.
When the words and the actions don’t match, you must believe the actions.


And that’s most likely why you’re here on this website today, isn’t it? Something feels off. And my work is in helping you identify what that is—because most of the time, the thing you’ll discover you’re missing? Is yourself.


This is about healing you. And being good to you. And giving you back your power—so you can go off and do all of the smart, wonderful things you were meant to be doing. And sometimes that means leaving love out of the equation—so you can put yourself back in.


Let’s talk more. Which one best describes you?


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