I’m Separating or Going Through a Separation


You so desperately want to be “over it” already.

You’re determined to move on, let the past be in the past, and stop CARING so much (and nicknaming him elegant, choice words such as “________________”) but the truth is, your head’s still in it just as much as your heart once was.


You might not have admitted it to anyone, but you can’t stop thinking about it. Wondering about it. Obsessing over it. Replaying every last detail. …And worrying that you’ll fall for it again.


You hate that fact, of course, because thinking about it drives you crazy. The more you think, the more pathetic you feel, and how is he moving on so fast?! And why does he seem perfectly fine? And why he doesn’t care? And why isn’t he coming crawling back to me, like I thought he would? Is there something wrong with me, after all?

You want to prove that you’re just as fine as he (or she) is.

You really do want to get on with your life and laugh all the way to the bank. (Or at least into the arms of a new lover, ahem.) You do want to bounce back to the confident, self-assured person you once were (instead of just faking it all the time).

But it’s not as easy as it looks—especially as you lay there mentally torturing yourself in the middle of the night. Instead of becoming this happy-go-lucky, intelligent, strong-minded, single woman—you know, like those gals on Sex and the City—you’re lucky if you can change out of your yoga pants and make yourself an egg.


This is the burden of the end of a relationship—it lasts a lot longer than you’d like, and the betrayal stings on overdrive. You might not be in the relationship anymore, but you’re still in the aftermath of it all, and it’s not always that easy to show your way out. Picture trying to find your way through a maze of emotions, with no relief in sight.


The bad news? You’re not going to get out of this by tomorrow.


The good news? I have four ways I can guide you.


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