Never walk into the room without an opinion. It’s a devotion to what we know.


I’m here to bear witness to your opinions. To listen to your fears, doubts, disgraces and unspeakables. To serve as a tall, sturdy oak tree under which you can finally collapse under the weight of your own uncertainties.


Silence is the perfect condition for dysfunction to flourish. Here, you’ll speak. Even if you don’t whisper a word, the act of simply showing up roars loud with courage.


There’s nothing wrong with you for speaking. There’s nothing wrong with you for wondering; for considering; for pondering; for actively trying to improve the way your life feels, right now.


We make the mistake of believing our sadness is a measure of how deeply we’ve been wronged, and if we let go of our sadness, we’re somehow declaring that what happened really wasn’t that big of a deal.


So we hold on tight because it’s our way of justifying to ourselves, and to everyone else around us, just how deeply we were hurt, wronged or betrayed.


But know this:


The depth of your sadness is not a measure of how deeply you’ve been wronged.


The two operate independently, on their own shelves of truth. On one shelf, you have all of the ways you’ve been hurt, and wronged, and wounded. But on the other? Is another truth. The truth about you. The fact that it’s your birthright to be joyful…despite. The fact that you’re allowed to be YOU, despite. The fact that what happened to you is entirely independent of you, yourself.


You can be happy, and still be hurt.


You don’t need to be destroyed, in order to be validated.


You can have both.


The two shelves of truth can co-exist.


It’s my job to help you find the difference.


Because you instinctively know the truth. Trust it. Trust yourself. I’ve got you.


To begin working together, click on one of the four options below.



1.  Private, 1:1 Sessions: Over the phone or via Skype

I support women individually, all over the world, over the phone or via Skype video, in a private and confidential manner, helping them work through the issues they’re suspecting they may be experiencing within their relationships.

It can be incredibly helpful to have a caring ear to confide in, who understands what you may be feeling, and can provide perspective when you aren’t sure which way is up. No decisions need to be made, but being able to talk through your own thoughts can help you get the clarity you need, to make the best decision for you—whatever that may be.

Whether you’re in a relationship now, or going through a harrowing separation, we can work through your feelings and your situation, together—and you will get through this.

This is best for you if:
You’re feeling vulnerable, reticent, reserved, ashamed, fearful, meek, nervous, and in the throes of a complex, complicated or private situation in which having one or several one-on-one discussions would help support you during this time. (We can work together no matter where in the world you are.)

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2.  Weekly Online Group Sessions: Via Zoom [COMING SOON] 

We find strength in numbers, and sometimes finding and connecting with other women who are experiencing the same challenging relationship woes can be restorative and therapeutic, giving you proof that it isn’t you—it’s the dynamic.

Each week, we’ll dive deep to uncover negative relationship patterns, helping to illuminate what’s really going on with your current (or past) relationship that’s contributing to your unhappiness, and helping you define the steps you need to take to get clarity, confidence and peace of mind.

Together, we’ll share our wisdom and experiences, and relate and learn from one another week by week, in an intimate, online group setting that will give you the strength, the sisterhood and the courage to do what you need to do for YOU.

This is best for you if:
You want support, encouragement, sisterhood and strength in a way that allows you to learn and heal while still being cost-effective and remote. (You can attend from anywhere in the world.) You also feel comfortable in group settings, and appreciate listening and serving as witness to the experiences of other women who have gone through, and are going through, similar challenges in their relationships.

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3.  In-Person Group Support: Hosted twice a week in The GTA, Canada

A few years ago, I founded an all-women’s relationship support group in The GTA, Canada, my home, as a way of giving back to my community and giving women going through so much pain and confusion a place to call their own.

Fast forward to present day, and our weekly meet-ups have blossomed into a tried and true program that’s helps women get their confidence, and their lives, back: once and for all. The in-person program is open to anyone who wishes to join — all you’ve got to do is register and take the first step.

We’ll be waiting for you with open arms, and you don’t have to worry about it being awkward, or scary — I promise. No one will put you on the spot, and you can just come to listen, if you’d like.

This is best for you if:
You live locally in The GTA, Canada. We meet once per week, and you can email me for the exact location, or get the information once you sign up. I’d love to have you, and support you, in person. I promise it isn’t as scary as it seems, and we’ll never press you to speak if you aren’t able.

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4.  The Audio Sessions [COMING SOON]

Many of the women I work with are hesitant to make any moves, just yet, for a number of reasons, among which may include fear that someone will find out, fear that they’ll have to make a big decision, fear that they’re not ready, fear that they’re making a mountain out of a molehill, and fear that they’re not really the type of woman that “needs this.”

Most of the women I work with, after all, are strong, competent, capable women who can’t seem to figure out why this area of their life has become so dysfunctional. Can you relate? Perhaps The Audio Sessions are for you.

I created The Audio Sessions as a way for women to be able to explore their own relationships in a private and safe manner, by simply popping in their ear buds or listening in the car on the way to work, as a way to determine what kind of negative patterns might be showing up—and what’s really going on in your current or past relationship.

It’s wisdom, experience, and guidance in your ear, ready for you on demand, to listen—and learn about yourself—any time.

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Yours Free:

Five Ways to Move from Powerless to Empowered in your Relationship